Giornate di

We are delighted to once again come together for our annual meeting. The 2023 edition of Giornate di Dipartimento will take place in Sestri Levante, on 18-20 October 2023.

The conference will start on Wednesday 18th at 14:00 and will terminate on Friday 20th at around 14:00.

Sestri Levante is located on the Portofino Coast near the famous Cinque Terre, 50 Km from the city of Genova.

The conference is organized by the Department of Chemical Sciences and Materials Technologies (DSCTM) with the support of the Genova unit of the Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Technologies for Energy (ICMATE) and  the Genova unit of the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Technologies (SCITEC). This conference is part of the CNR Centennial 1923-2023.

The conference registration desk will open on October 18th at 13:00

Sono disponibili 20 parcheggi riservati ai congressisti all’inizio di via Pilade Queirolo a 100 m dal sito della conferenza.
Lasciare sull’auto un biglietto con scritto “Conferenza Dipartimento DSCTM” per evitare la rimozione.



What we’ll focus on

Molecular sciences, chemical technologies and materials for the global challenges

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Where we’ll meet

We’re waiting for you in Sestri Levante, Italy!