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The Department of Chemical Sciences and Materials Technologies (DSCTM) of National Research Council carries out strategic and applied research in every field of chemistry, molecular sciences and advanced materials playing a key role in promoting, coordinating and designing a wide range of interdisciplinary projects. Scientific excellence, size and capacity for collaborative research at both national and international levels, make DSCTM one of the most important Italian scientific hubs for chemical sciences and materials technology.
The Department activities tackle primary scientific and social challenges that distinguish the first part of the 21st century: the health, care and well-being of people throughout their lives, the design of new materials and the exploitation of renewable energy resources, the development of green and sustainable solutions to build economic growth according to the principles of Green Chemistry and circular economy.
Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030, aim of DSCTM is to promote prosperity while protecting the planet, and to address a range of social needs including health and job opportunities, while facing climate change and environmental preservation.
DSCTM, with 11 research Institutes and about 1000 researchers, technologists and technicians, is able to develop multidisciplinary coordinated projects, combining blue-sky scientific research with technology transfer and process innovation.

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